The safety of our environment is a universal concern for most people, and the work that goes into keeping our environment safe is strenuous work that often gets overlooked. That’s why it’s more important than ever to do our part and help groups that advocate for our environment by donating or volunteering.

Charities are always looking for people to help out. Environmental services cover a wide range of subjects, so there’s always a charity you can find that fits what you think is most important. Some of these subjects include:

Human Services

We, as human beings, are just a part of the…

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a drastic change in the daily functioning of nonprofit organizations worldwide. Nevertheless, these nonprofit organizations have to continue raising funds for their missions during this unsettled time if they are to stay afloat.

If the mission of one nonprofit organization is directly dealing with COVID-19, it might be difficult to persuade their donors that their task still needs funding. However, some of their supporters are burdened, but do not give up. Therefore, there are a few ways nonprofit organizations can source funds during a worldwide pandemic.

Begin with Understanding

COVID-19 has caused an impact on nearly every…

The value of small business philanthropy is an important topic right now. As a result, it’s great to see more and more companies giving back to their communities. However, the truth is that many companies don’t know the importance of this kind of giving and may not be aware of the benefits they’re missing out on.

In this article, we’ll talk about what you can do to help your company become more involved in local philanthropy efforts.

Why Should Small Businesses be Philanthropic?
Small businesses have a lot to offer the community, and there are so many ways that can…

Female entrepreneurs can take free online classes by taking advantage of these three resources.

Harvard University

Harvard is often regarded as one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Many people do not know that they can take Harvard courses for free. One can simply go to the university’s website where classes are offered in various subject areas. Female entrepreneurs should check out the website’s business section specifically. Courses include learning how to pursue entrepreneurship in developing countries. They can also learn how to become more resilient leaders. Most of Harvard’s classes are taught by distinguished faculty with a…

A fact is many charitable organizations rely on well-wishers to get donations. Since the peak of coronavirus in March, many sectors globally have been affected. The pandemic has seen the closure of many events and shops. A majority of these sectors play a role in running the operations of the charity organizations.

Due to the lockdown, the organizations are not able to meet the demands of the public. It is because no finances are trickling in like they were before the pandemic. However, to stop the COVID-19 epidemic, there are roles that a philanthropist has to take on.

The feature…

Are you interested in getting online material for women in entrepreneurship and leadership? Written by women for like-minded women in business, they provide female entrepreneurs with much-needed lessons and a forum to get inspiration, advice, or an avenue to bond with leaders in their fields.

1. She Owns It

Focus on these women’s can-do attitudes provides mentorship from business leaders for women already in business and those aspiring and addresses technological inventions that could boost their businesses.

2. Women 2.0

This blog catches the interest of those who own businesses related to technology, covering startups, investing, fundraising, politics, and technology. As an added advantage, the site recently…

According to the Bank of America Study of Philanthropy, COVID19 did not increase donations. Statistics record a 90% contribution which is precisely the same amount that Americans donated from the previous records. However, the pandemic has significantly changed the wealthy donations’ outlook in many ways. The two main areas where the change occurred are where the donations got delivered and the strategies employed.

Ann Limberg, leader of Philanthropic and Family Office Solutions at Bank of America Private Bank, acknowledges that the pandemic presented unforeseen challenges to charity. …

There is a unique opportunity for nonprofits and tapping into corporate giving. It represents more than just charitable funding, but it is still considered an essential driver of nonprofit programs worldwide. There was a total of $20.05 billion corporate giving in 2018 as per the report of Giving USA 2019.

Now the question arises, how should a nonprofit approach corporate giving. The more a nonprofit can increase its overall funding and optimize it to use it effectively, the better off the cause that it seeks to tackle.

Corporate Giving and Nonprofits

The following are some of the best ways where a nonprofit organization can…

There are many people around who become entrepreneurs and include it in their life plan. However, there are certain beliefs that an entrepreneur should avoid to become successful.

Many people are unable to fulfill their dreams due to their bias and other aspects of life. These are always the beliefs that are present that do not permit them to become successful.

The following are some of the beliefs that make the people put off any of their projects that might help them to become successful.

All or Nothing Thinking

Having an “all or nothing” mindset is not common, but it can be a hindrance…

Businesses don’t have to be made in an office building. There are plenty of business ideas that you can come up with from the comfort of your own home. Don’t know where to start? Consider the following when trying to generate an at-home business idea:

Get to know the skills you have

Before you start your business, evaluate yourself by making a list of all the skills you have. It could be archery, dancing, marketing, etc. More often than not, you tend to think that you have similar skills with everybody else, but each individual has a unique skill.

Use your passion to its full advantage

Your business doesn’t have to correlate with your…

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